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It's the last week of Ducati's fiscal year, and we're so close to being North America's #1 Ducati dealer again in 2015!

#1 Ducati dealer

We really need your help to make the final push. If you've been thinking of getting a bike, now is the time! We'll help you however we can, so you can help us be the #1 dealer once again!

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Portland to Portland, A Monster Ride Across America

Sometimes the greatest journeys in life aren't planned in advance, or carefully calculated with time and preparation. Some of the most momentous, life changing adventures are the ones where we wake up with an idea, and we are out the door. Caution is thrown to the wind, and we grab life by the moment and create our own destiny.

Brian is no stranger to this majestic dream. The brave Ducatista woke up with one goal in mind, and in no time he was setting out on a journey that would take him across over 36 states on two wheels. With nothing but a couple saddle bags and a six string guitar, Brian stopped by Moto Corsa to do some last minute preparations to his Ducati Monster. 

Ducati Monster

After getting some electronics fitted to his two wheeled steed, Brian and his Monster left for one epic ride.

Ducati Monster Portland Oregon

His first stop was going to be from Montana to St. Louis, where he would be meeting up with friends for a road trip, but a change of plans would start him at Dayton, Washington.

welcome to monana

portland camping trip

Inspired by motorcycling legends like Ewan Mcgregor, and Charley Boorman, and adventure series "The Ranger's Apprentice", Brian has a long journey ahead, zig-zagging across the United States. After heading to Salt Lake City, Utah, he will be representing his Moto Corsa t-shirts through: Missoula, Mt. Billings, Mt. Denver, Co. Albuquerque, Nm. (A stop at the Grand Canyon)Las Vegas, Nv. Virginia Beach, Vi. Niagara Falls, Ny. and Portland, Me.

Ducati Monster

His final run will be from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, making any stops in between his heart desires

Follow his journey on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MotoCorsa

Ducati 1299

Brian made his way back to MotoCorsa after his Monster adventure and bought a new Ducati Panigale! He'll be making a journey across the USA once again later this year. Brian will keep us posted, so stay tuned!

Ducati Experience Tour at MotoCorsa

Ducati Experience Tour at MotoCorsa

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There's no better time to start riding than today, and the Ducati Monster 696 is the perfect bike to start on!

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We are going to do everything we possibly can to help get you riding safely on the bike of your dreams.

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With the purchase of a new Ducati Monster 696 we will provide:

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 We take it for granted that today’s motorcycles are as reliable as the sun and as durable as a cast-iron skillet. But the truth is they’re becoming even more sophisticated and complicated machines. It’s no longer just a matter of two wheels, an engine with a carburetor, a steel tank, maybe a couple of brakes (at least devices that looked like brakes), and a place to sit.
Now you have electronics this, sensors that, and lots of systems that hide behind microprocessors and black boxes. So let’s be honest: If you grew up knowing how to set points and can field-strip an Amal carburetor in your sleep, today’s bikes might seem a bit daunting – not so much harder to work on but a lot tougher to diagnose. Moreover, some of today’s bikes need special tools and diagnostic equipment that’s simply too expensive for a typical rider to possess. When the bike dies for no apparent reason, it’s probably not a matter of lifting the tank and fixing it with a screwdriver.

extended warranty

  Assuming you’re not going to be committing the bulk of the maintenance on your bike, consider these options:

1/ Take advantage of extended warranty protection to cover you from anything mechanical or electrical that might happen to your bike during ownership. This is not a warranty in the conventional sense but an extended –service contract that acts as an extension to the factory warranty and usually offers other benefits such as roadside assistance, towing reimbursement, tire and wheel protection, and the ability to transfer this warranty when you sell your bike. Please read the fine print and ask a lot of questions if the warranty being offered is not OEM specific. For example, does it promise original-equipment parts in the event of failure?

2/ Prepaid maintenance works to save you money in the sense that you can lock in today’s labor rate by paying in advance for your first three (or more) service appointments. Again, if you’ve had your motorcycle in the shop for a 5,000-mile service, you know the cost of even an oil change can take your breath away. If you already know you’re going to pay for it down the road, why not take advantage of today’s labor rate? With some prepaid maintenance plans you may be paying the labor rate of the shop you purchase your bike from, and it’s contracted no matter which dealership does the work for you. This is important, as not all dealerships charge the same labor rate per hour, and that hourly rate can vary as much as $30 to $40.




Ducati invited me and a select few others to the Bosch testing facility outside of Detroit, Michigan, with the promise that it had made the 2015 Multistrada nearly impossible to crash. Unless of course you hit something. With both a new anti-lock breaking system and traction control system, which uses sensors to measure the bike's movement in every direction, the Multistrada is able to provide the maximum amount of brake or acceleration allowed by the available traction in the tires...even while you're leaned over. At least in theory.

Here's what I learned putting all that to the test.

1. Ducati's not joking—the Multistrada 1200 really is nearly impossible to crash

1. Ducati's not joking—the Multistrada 1200 really is nearly impossible to crash
The 2015 Ducati Multistrada features Bosch’s new Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), which is composed of a five-axis lean angle sensor, wheel speed sensors, and Bosch’s latest ABS system. These systems work together to give you the maximum amount of brake pressure or torque allowed by the traction available, updated literally hundreds of times per second—even when leaned over.

I guess we can ditch that whole don’t-touch-the-brakes-mid-corner concept. If the tires have enough traction to accept a touch of brake, it'll let you. If not, it won't. Simple as that.

ducati multistrada crash test

2. It can't defeat the laws of physics
One of the other journalists on the same trip managed to find the limit of the stability control and ABS systems: he hit a pavement lip while using the front brake as he entered a graveled section, and put the wheel into the air. Sensors can't do much good if the wheel is off the ground.

3. Cornering ABS and traction control are amazing technologies

3. Cornering ABS and traction control are amazing technologies

To test the cornering ABS and traction control, I was instructed to ride in circles at 35, 45, and 55 mph at 35 degrees of lean angle and then to stab at the brakes or throttle with increasing severity—in the rain. On any other motorcycle this would result in an immediate lowside crash, but the Multistrada refused to go down. As I gained trust in the systems, the speeds and lean angles increased until the pegs started scraping. Grabbing full throttle on a 160 hp motorcycle, in the rain, at 52 degrees of lean angle, just shouldn’t be possible—but it was. It almost felt like cheating.4. All of these features make you faster, not just safer

4. All of these features make you faster, not just safer
Having systems like wheelie control, stoppie control, traction control, and ABS not only keep you safer in normal riding conditions, but they also keep you safer in performance environments. You can worry less about all that power getting you into trouble. As long as you don't go too much faster than the bike can handle, it will make up for a lot of your deficiencies as a rider, meaning you can safely push that much closer to the edge.

5. You can adjust the systems to your own riding style

5. You can adjust the systems to your own riding style
While the motorcycle stability control system is great for keeping riders safe, those who have been riding for a long time enjoy a little of the sliding that comes from heavy braking and accelerating. Because the entire point in owning a fire-breathing, 160 hp beast is using all that power whenever you want to, the ABS and traction control systems can be turned off or set to one of eight modes—allowing the user to tailor the level of intervention to the riding conditions and his or her needs. They're aids, not training wheels.

multistrada assists

6. Even without the rider aids, the new Multistrada is fantastic
This latest iteration gets a 10 hp bump and feels like it carries its weight much better. It also gets Ducati’s variable valve timing—which means it’s smoother at lower, around-town speeds, while improving low-range torque. In short, the 2015 feels absolutely brilliant in comparison to its predecessor.


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