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...And They Say Motorcycles Are Dangerous

It’s Down to the Ride By Wire

We are in the final week of competition to being the #1 Ducati dealer in North America.

The count is close...VERY close!

If you have been thinking about getting a bike, this is the week to do it! Come see us at MotoCorsa in Portland, Oregon, and we will hook you up with a great deal and send you home on the bike of your dreams!


Mr. Marroquin Traveled 53,000 kilometers on his Multistrada

Nelson Marroquin of El Salvador traveled 53,000 kilometers on his Pikes Peak edition Multistrada Ducati.

In his REV'IT Poseiden gear, Nelson took a journey through Central America and up to Alaska!

During his 53,000 kilometer road trip, he apparently didnt pass by any car wash stations...

Though his bike and suit have been through a lot, they are still in great shape, as is the cheerful REV'IT distributer seen here smiling with a cup of our fine Ristretto roast coffee. Nelson brought with him great stories and even greater engery.  

(WARNING, dirty Ducati)

Mr. Marroquin stopped by the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon to visit his family and ours, and we couldn't have been more excited to have him! 

College Student Bonds With Her Dad on a Ducati

Devonne Duerbaum and her Ducati Monster 696 at the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Josh Ritchie for The Wall Street Journal


Devonne Duerbaum, 22, a college student from Hollywood, Fla., on her 2009 Ducati Monster 696, as told to A.J. Baime.

My father has been taking me to motorcycle races since I was young, so I grew up around bikes. He always had Ducatis—which are beautifully designed Italian motorcycles. When I turned 16, I wanted one, but he wanted me to wait. Two years later, I graduated high school, took a motorcycle class and got my license. I came home one day and he said, "Hey, let me show you something."

There was my Monster in the garage. He said, "You're such a good daughter. You get good grades. You stay out of trouble."

Now we ride together and that's our way of bonding. He's always lecturing me about safety. Sometimes he'll get me a new aftermarket part and we'll spend the day putting it on and making my bike pretty.

As for the Monster, I love the look of it. It's not a touring bike and it's not a superbike. It's in the middle, so it's fast but comfortable; you can sit upright if you want.

I've had the bike for four years now and I joined a club called Desmodonne, a world-wide group of women Ducati owners. We help each other out, tell each other our stories and we ride.

But for me, riding with my dad will always be the best.


Original post from The Wall Street Journal


A Day At The Track With MotoCorsa

Follow Jonas and the Corsa Crew as they spend the day at the track!


Don’t Miss Out On The Scrambler Ducati!

We're now accepting deposits for the 2015 Scrambler Ducati.

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‘Round The World On A Supermodel

"What I’m trying to say is what we have and who we have can always be taken away. The ONLY thing we have that’s permanent (somewhat) is who we are. As long as we're alive and not insane, we are all we can be sure we have."    - Dennis Matson


                           The man who did what noone thought could be done, is doing it again.  

Dennis Matson quit his job as a software salesman, and treked 16,000 miles across North America on the very first brand new Ducati Panigale S ever sold. He rode his way across the heartland and into the hearts of millions. Now he is taking on the world.

Dennis left this morning from Ducati Milan with his Panigale prepped and a matching tent.

We will be keeping up with Dennis as he travels the world on his 1199 Panigale S. With the support of his fans, and Ducati, Matson is sure to ride his way into the hearts of millions more as he traverses all tereigns and goes 'round the world on a supermodel.

"As Version 2 (or maybe just v1.2) commences, I have my doubts. I have fears, I have concerns. I’m not sure of anything except that this is my journey. And I know it’s the one I’m supposed to be on."

Find more @ http://antihero-x.com/

      & http://instagram.com/dennis_matson

IN-N-OUT And Back Again

Join us, if you dare, for a journey across the best roads in Oregon and California to the legendary IN-N-OUT Burger in Redding California, and back again. Ride with us for the trek of the summer as we take the roads that will test your taste for adventure. 

Kickstands up at 7am on Sunday, meeting at MotoCorsa. We will provide maps of our suggested route, but feel free to ride there however you like. The goal is dinner at In-N-Out Burger - Redding. You'll need to book your own accommodations for the night.

Our plan is a day there and a day back, but there are no rules. Tag along with us or plan your own version. Come back on day two or keep going. Just meet us at In-n-Out Sunday night!


Ride together, dine together, CorsaCrew for life!