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You might have seen us in the news.

Sportbikes Inc. Magazine (November, 2011)

Dealer Spotlight 

"In June of 2009, MotoCorsa sold 61 Ducati Motorcycles. By doing so, they set the world record for the highest number of new Ducati's sold in one month. With a dealership mission to be the best Ducati Experience in the world, the staff put in the work to make MotoCorsa a reality. … Often a dealership on this level can fall prey to the "museum" effect. You know, look but don't touch… in fact don't even look that hard. Not so, in this case."

Drivetime (July, 2009)

"Jason Chinnock, motorcycle sales director for Ducati in the U.S., termed the record 'a tremendous feat. Even without the economy, it would be a big deal. We are using [Progetto 51] as an example to show our other dealers what can be done.'"

We're on the cover of DealerNews (April, 2007)

from the article...

"So whatever we can do to associate MotoCorsa with fun, we do." 

Ultimate Ducati for UFC (March, 2008)

Brainstorm (December, 2007)

Our showroom (and the Corsa Caffe) were part of a feature on 'eclectic' work environments. 

"Forget a stack of outdated magazines displayed on an end table. MotoCorsa has taken lobby entertainment to another level. MotoCorsa sells high-end Italian sport bikes, including Ducati and Aprilia, and they want their customers to enjoy buying as much as they'll enjoy riding them. Their lobby could be deemed "garage chic." High ceilings and cement floors are accented with vibrant red and grey rounded walls. Corsa Cafe features a full-time barista and a variety of beverages to choose from. One section of the room includes a fully-equipped DJ booth and an area that is convertible to a dance floor with lights and a disco ball. And for maximum entertainment, a large area with carpeted bleachers is sectioned off for movie viewing.

Bikes and apparel are on display amidst all the fun — just in case you forgot why you're there."





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