Ralston’s Tavolo Arte Meccanica

"In 1999 I began my professional career as a motorcycle technician, with the fortunate opportunity to work with the world’s most beautiful motorcycles.  These gorgeous machines are built with some of the most beautiful components designed and created for a functional role in a motor vehicle.  It seemed a shame to waste them after their service life was over, so I began to save all the worn parts that were replaced in my workshop.  Years ago I started creating tables, lamps, and garden art out of these pieces and parts for my friends and family.  More recently I have begun acquiring more sophisticated machinery to design my art in a more refined fashion.  What you see here is the culmination of over 12 years of passion, presented in an art form to bring the inner beauty of the motorcycles we love into a unique piece of furniture for you to enjoy in your own home or garage."

The first three tables available for purchase are here at MotoCorsa, and you can view them in detail at the links below.

Tavolo Uno

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Tavolo Due

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Tavola Tre

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Artist Info

AJ Ralston

Thirty-seven year young Ducati Master Tech, Artist, Welder, Motorcyclist, Hooligan, Italian motorcycle enthusiast… and one of the last living Portland Natives.


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