MotoCorsa Presents: The 1199 TerraCorsa

Posted: September 28th 2013 by MotoCorsa


We've been called a lot of things, but "not crazy" has never made the list. So, when Arun and our good friend Quentin Wilson from Ducati started preparing for their annual trip to Eastern Oregon for some off-roading, the subject of Arun's track Panigale came up. It had hit the deck once, so it was a great candidate to turn into something truly awesome.
What resulted from a lot of brainstorming and a few rounds of digging through parts piles may be (we'll say it) the most badass Panigale to date.
Some may say that taking a bike like this off-road is a questionable choice. We agree, but we're going to do it anyway. Why? Because TerraCorsa, that's why.


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