Sodium Distortion S4RS Ducati by Super Rat

Posted: August 30th 2012 by mc

A closer look at the custom Ducati S4RS salt racer by Super Rat from Bellingham, WA.

The bike ran in the 1000cc A-AG class. (AG is the modified gasoline class. In the rulebooks: "Unlimited design. You cannot use Superchargers and Turbochargers. Construction shall include a majority of motorcycle engine parts. However, you can use fuel injection. GASOLINE ONLY.) The major classes are M (Modified), P (Production), MPS (Modified Partial Streamlining), or A (Special Construction) class.

They completed 11 passes.

Mark Bjorklund (racer and one of the major parts of Super Rat) was always making people laugh. He sat out here in 90+ degree weather for 20 minutes in full leathers (after waiting over 45 minutes at prestage) and still could crack this guy up.

If he wasn't wearing his sunglasses you'd be able to see him smiling with his eyes. 

And he's off!

His top speed was 166.3mph. He broke a record that stood since 1975.

Previously set on a Triumph.

Maybe this guy helped?

How does it feel, Mark? [See grin below.]

Photos and writing: Alicia Mariah Elfving

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